Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety Story

This new boy John comes to school and him and this girl Lisa start to get to know each other, So one day he passes her a note and it says to her "Get on this website and it should take you into this chat room, there should be two more kids "Jen" and "Bob" on there to chat. So when the girl gets home she logs onto this website and is now in the chat room.  So now in this chat room there is Jen this so called "kid" and Bob another so called "kid", Lisa and John. They all start to talk and by now Bob and Jen say to the kids " We should all get together and hang out" So Jen chats to Lisa "Hey give me your cell phone number and we'll talk back and forth and get a day where all of us can get together". So Lisa gives her number and they all start to chat some more. By the end of this chat room Lisa has given Bob and Jen her cellphone number, address, and email. What both kids Lisa and John don't know is that Bob and Jen are really undercover agents on this "chat room" trying to teach kids not to hand out their information to people they haven't even met before.
Soon the agents found out where the kids went to school. They went to Lisa and John's school and gave the whole school a  informative speech about internet safety, what to watch out for and what you put online, it never goes away. Both kids learned to be safe online thanks to Jen and Bob,  "two normal kids wanting to chat". Thanks for reading my story.